Communication is comprised of both verbal and nonverbal messages. How much time do you usually spend on preparing and practicing for a presentation or sales pitch? And in what capacity do you pay attention to your body language during your preparation?

Most of the time our focus is on what we will say and how our audience will respond. Of course, our words are important. However, research shows that a lot of a message is conveyed through our body language.

Workshops on Body Language Conducted by Deaf Trainers

We work with you to discuss the specific needs of your company in order to tailor our workshop to meet your needs. Our highly trained staff of deaf facilitators (experts in body language) will present background information and conduct role-play activities with your staff.

This is what people say about us:


“The training with Possibilize Academy had extremely high marks in the evaluation by our participants. It was a huge eye-opener to realize that communication encompasses much more than content. Delivering this experience to our professionals provided us with a more open-minded attitude and helped promote inclusive leadership. From a learning perspective, this intervention had such a mind-blowing effect that we will undoubtedly continue working with Possibilize Academy in the future.”

Gwenda van Hooff - van Steekelenburg Manager Learning & Development - Deloitte

"As part of our annual global development project team meeting, Possibilize led a workshop on body language. The team really enjoyed the workshop, especially the direct feedback from colleagues and from the deaf trainers on our body language. The workshop was fun to do, good for our team building and provided practical communication advice which is useful in our day-to-day team communication."

Astellas Project Manager
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